Keith Price will endeavor to help with obtaining spare parts or technical information for some of the following machines, some of which are no longer in production:

Abene, Acme, Adcock & Shipley, Ajax, Amada, Anayak, Anselmi, Archdale, Asqith, Behringer, Bertiez,  Bechler,  Binns & Berry, Blanchard, Boko, Boley, Breda, Broadbent, Brown & Sharp, BSA, Bullard, Butler Elgamill, Cazeneuve, Cerruti, Cholet, Churchill,  Churchill Redman, Cincinnati, Clausing, Clovis, CME-Gridley, CMT, Colchester, Collet & Engelhard, Conomatic, Correa, Coventry, Craven, Craven Swift, Cri-Dan, Csepel, Dainichi, Danobat, Dashin, Deckel, Defum, Denbigh, DeVieg, Dorian, Dean Smith & Grace, Duplomatic, Edgwick, Edwards, Efurt, Elb, Elliot, Emena,  Emi-Mech, Endomatic, Engelhard, Enshu, Ernault Toyoda, Everising, Famot, FAT, Fellows, Femco, Ficep, Filomatic, Fischer,  FMUA, Forest Line, Forkardt, Forges DeGilly, Forte, Fritz Werner, Fromag, Froriep, Fiji Seiki, Gairu, Gambin, Geka tooling, Geminis, George Fischer,  Giana, Gidding & Lewis, Gildemeister, Ghiringelli, Gorki, Gornatti, Goss & Deleeuw, Graffenstaden, Graziano, Grazioli, Gurutzpe, H.Ernault Somua, Hahn & Kolb, Harrison, Hay, Heckert, Heidenriech & Harbeck, Heckert, Heid, Herbert, Hercules, Hermes, Hermle, Heyligenstaedt, Hitachi Seiki, HMT, Honden, Huron, Hwacheon, Ibarmia, Index, Innocenti, Ironworker, Jackmill, Jarbe, Jesco, Jones & Lamson, Juaristi, Joshua Heap, Jung,  Jupiter, Kearney & Trecker, Kearns, Kearns Richards, Kellenberger, Kendall & Gent, Kirloskar, Kitamura, Kitchen & Wade, Kitchen & Walker,  Kingsland tooling, Klinglenberg, Kolb, Kollman, Kondia, Kopp, Kuhlman, Leblond, Lagun, Lan-Bat milling heads, Landis, Lang, Liebherr, Lorenz, Maag, Macmon, Macson, Maho, Makino, Mandelli, MAS, Matrix, Matrix Churchill, Mauser, Maximart, Max Mueller, Marksman, Mazak, Meccanica Nova, Mechanicy, Mecof, Metalmaster tooling, Merli Clovis, Metal Export, Metba, Milwaukee, Misal, Monarch, Monfort, Moog,  Morando, Mori Seiki, Mubea, Nigata, Niles, Nova, Nardini, Nicolas Correa, Oerlikon, Olivetti, OKK, Okuma, OM, Omera tooling, OMPI, Pacific, Pama, Parkson, PBR, Peddinghaus tooling, Pegard, Pensotti, Percell, Pfauter, Pinacho,  Pittler, Poreba, Pullmax, Punch & shear, Raboma, Rafamet, Rambaudi, Ramo, Ravensburg, Reinecker, Richards, Rohm, Roku Roku, Ryzan, Sacem, Sachman, Safop, Saimp, San Rocco, Schaerer, Scharmann, Scheiss, Schliff, Schmaltz, Scotsman tooling, Secma, Secmu, Selfer tooling, Shaublin, Shibaura, SHW, Siegen, Sinada, Skoda, South Bend, Stanko, Stankoimport, Staveley, Steelworker, Sterk, Strojimport, Strohm, Summit, Sunrise tooling, Supermax,Swift, Tacci, Takisawa, Tarnow, Tecchella, Technoimpex, Thiel, Titan, Tongil, Tornos, TOS, Tovaglieri, Tuda,  Ursus, Union, Varnamo, Vernier, VDF, VDF Boehringer, Vikram, Voest, Ward, Waldrich Siegen, Wanderer, Warner & Swasey, Ward, Webster & Bennett, Weiler, Weipert, Wendt, WGW Keyseater, Whacheon, Wickman, Wickman Scrivener, Wohlenberg, Wotan, WMW Heckert, Zayer, Zerbst, ZM- Mechanicy, ZPS, Berthiez, Collet & Engelhardt

We have at our disposal, copies of a variety of Machine Tool Workshop Manuals that we offer for sale either from our own stock or from our principles overseas. Please contact for more details as our stock is ever changing.

We offer a variety of European manufactured bedway/guideway wipers in Aluminum & Polyurethane. For total geometrical protection, we offer steel telescopic protection covers, concertina fabric covers, spring covers for spindles and shafts & cable carriers, all the slide protection required to maintain geometric stability and accuracy of your valuable Machine Tool.

We can offer a vast selection of "Bellville" spring washers for a variety of applications.

We also offer a limited selection of Colchester Spares at competitive prices.

We have excellent resources to source GAMET & FAFNIR precision spindle bearings.

If you require to purchase or sell machine tools, we are able to offer or source, that "special", extra large or ''out of the ordinary'' machine that you have or are seeking.

We have an established sales network of Machine Tool experts whom we have very good working relations with, both here in Australia and overseas. Please contact us with your requirements for further information.

If you would like any information or have questions regarding any of the above please click here

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